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About Us

We at Hamlet and Solar Project Collaborators (P) Ltd

Dedicated for the integrated village development in PAN-India in association with Norway-Indo-Bulgarian Partnership

An amalgamation of countries, companies, technologies and expertise to showcase the best ever unique type of Project having elevated solar power with farming, water moat (for rain water harvest and water conservation), affordable, seismic proof Houses with Bio Digester Toilets,solar roof top, Medical Clinics, Education Center, Hamlet market complex and Sports center.

Main & special features of the project

  • Up-to 100% FDI
  • Rural Empowerment
  • Development of the project as integrated Smart Village
  • Corporate Social responsibility (as a true share towords community)
  • upto 500MW Elevated & integrated solar (PV CUM- Wind/Hydro/ Nature Gas / WTE)
  • Less space area required per MW (Compare to conventional implementation)
  • Overhead mounted photovoltaic panels
  • Efficient panels using the best state of art technology and quality products
  • Natural farming under the pannel, there by utilising maximum space.
  • Buyback arrangements of the cash crop available in advance.
  • affordable housing unit(Seismic proof houses with biodigester toilet and solar roof tops)
  • School & education CUM research center (for the inmates/ workers/ staffs and dwellers around)
  • Creation of Mandi for the cash crops co-operative
  • Marketing complex
  • Rain Water harvesting canal (all around the project as water moat and fruit tree around)